So you got your game and ur too lazy to kill people and stuff! Well we have a debug control,to access this on a pc press ''\'' to acess this you got alot of options:

Changing school uniform,Changing the day of the week (Mon-Fri),Teleporting,Changing the atmosphere,Changing your reputation,Filling up student info screen& maxing out seduction and strength, toggling over shoulder camera vision,changing to the end of the day,Teleporting to the turtle (you can pray to the holy turtle PRAY FOR HIM!!!),Teleporting to the Martial arts club,Teleporting to the Occult club,unlocking all conversation topics,Simulating higher school population ,Befriending Kokona (rival) and teleporting to the roof with her (u can push her off or help her she said she will stay away from senpai BUT SHE WONT!!!!),Unlocking Kokona's dark secret,Spawning mind-broken (Mind-slave) Saki (kokona's friend),Mute the music!,Acquiring Kokona (or your current rival's) Phone,Censoring all Panties (used for youtubers and kids!),Befriending Kokona and Riku (riku has a crush on kokona) and learning all kokona's intrests, Teleporting to the gardening club (pickpocket the leader so u can access the poison),Advance time,Killing All students,Toggling between high and low population, resetting all progress and exiting the menu.

All of these are seen by controls in the debug menu,but u have more which u cant access that easily!

When going to class press '\' to use 1 point on everything and rank up! (#Smartass)

I dont know much more except using the plus and - sign to speed up time Also somewhere around the school is a KITTEN!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!! <3 Kittens

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